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SCdyne Performance ECOTEC Header




2.0 Supercharged
2.2 ECOTEC (modified-engine)
2.4 VVT (non kappa)

SCdyne Performance, the leader in supercharged Saturn technology offers the ultimate performance bolt-on for the Higher flowing ECOTEC motors. This header is a direct bolt-on header that replaces the restrictive stock exhaust manifold with a design that's engineered for the needs of a high flow engine.  It's made from fully TIG welded thick wall Steel 1-3/4" primaries and features a 2-1/2" collector opening for optimized air flow under heavy load conditions. All stock mounting points are retained including the O2 sensor position and installation is a very simple bolt-on affair. 

The performance gains have been documented to be as much as a 10% increase in power. We want you to have the best header for your money, we want it to last as long as you own your car and we want you to know that your purchase won't lock you into antiquated performance should we eek out a few more ponies as we continue to develop our products.

The header is 100% made in California using American steel for a true A-SPEC product. We're so confident of the performance of this design that we filed a patent. NO welding, NO slip fits, and NO exhaust clamps needed. 

Retail Price: $499.99

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